Feast delivers meals from your favorite restaurants at unbeatable prices. We offer flexible lunch and dinner meal credits that allow you to pre-order meals and pre-plan deliveries for 50% less than competition.


  • 1.Browse Local Restaurants:

    Open the Feast web app to find your favorite dishes, filter by cuisine, or browse through our specially curated meal selection. With a wide variety of restaurants at your fingertips, you are sure to find something you crave.
  • 2. Order in Advance:

    With Feast, you can select your meals and delivery windows day-by-day or pre-order all of your meals for the week at once. You can always cancel or edit your orders as many times as you’d like up until 6PM the day before delivery.
  • 3. Feast:

    Once you receive your order, all you have to do is Feast!


  • Serving Customers

    Serving Customers

    Save Money: By organizing orders and optimizing delivery routes, Feast offers subscribers access to the best restaurants in the area for 50% less than competition.

    Save Time: We remove the stress and uncertainty associated with last-minute food delivery by allowing you to schedule your order and delivery window in advance.

  • Supporting Restaurants

    Supporting Restaurants

    Eat Local: We partner with local restaurants to help them expand their customer base and benefit from the growing food delivery market, without charging unreasonable fees that cut into their profit margins.

    Maximize Resources: By bulk ordering in advance, we empower restaurants to prepare meals during off-peak hours to optimize their kitchen use and decrease supply cost.

  • Supporting Drivers

    Supporting Drivers

    Optimized Routes: We batch order and pre-plan delivery schedules using a proprietary algorithm so our drivers make more deliveries in less time while travelling shorter distances.

    Sustainable Delivery: By optimizing our drivers’ delivery routes, we simultaneously lower fuel costs and minimize our carbon footprint.

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