Deliver local food
with better routes
in less time.

Want to drive for Club Feast?

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This is not on-demand delivery.

Pre-scheduled and
optimize routes

With Club Feast, routes are pre-scheduled and optimized ahead of time for efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Why deliver with Club Feast?

Make money fast.

Earn money for every route you drive with Feast.

Drive easy, efficient routes.

Feast suggests optimized routes for the most efficient delivery.

Work on your time.

You choose what days and meals you want to deliver.

Protect the enviroment.

Deliver more with less fuel and a minimized carbon footprint.

Plan ahead.

Select your routes up to a day in advance.

Support local restaurants.

Deliver food from restaurants you know and love.

Common Questions

Common Questions

Instead of our delivery partners receiving deliveries and pickups in real-time, Club Feast locks in all orders the night before, which allows us to use our algorithm to create routes to be fulfilled by our delivery partners. This results in more efficient, scheduled deliveries and the ability to guarantee earnings!

To sign up, you need to be 18+, have access to a vehicle (e.g. car, scooter, motorcycle, etc.), have a valid driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience as well as insurance, and be eligible to work in the United States.

Once you submit your information above, we may contact you for a standard background check and additional documentation. Afterwards, we’ll reach out to you with an invitation to a virtual driver certification meeting. Once you’ve successfully completed your certification, we will aim to get you on the road as soon as possible!

We currently operate in San Francisco, South Bay, East Bay and New York City and we are quickly expanding to other cities.